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My Map by Mind Map: My Map

1. My TV Shows

1.1. School Of Comedy

1.1.1. This is a TV Show with teenagers acting a variety of roles.

1.2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

1.2.1. FRIENDS, a sitcom that shows six diffrent people as friends, some they just met two years ago, some are brothers and sisters and some are friends way back from high school.

1.3. How I Met Your Mother

1.3.1. This TV Show is about a man talking about his life before his kids mother and how he met her, he also includes how he met his friends; Lily, Marshal, Barney and Robin. His name is Ted Mosby...

1.4. MisFits

1.4.1. Is a twisted TV Show, about Nathan, Simon, Kelly, Kurtis and Alisha. They all have comited some kind of crime and there doing comunity work, something goes wrong.....

2. My Songs

2.1. Mostly I Love Songs That Have Meaning, Especially Rock Songs.

2.1.1. Avenged Sevenfold Afterlife Nightmare Dear God Bat Country

2.1.2. Shakira She Wolf Waka Waka Objection (Tango)

2.1.3. The Veronicas Revenged Is Sweeter Hook Me Up

2.1.4. Eminem Stan

3. My Books

3.1. Twilight

3.2. Roald Dahl

3.3. Jaqueline Wilson

4. School Lessons

4.1. Media

4.2. English

4.3. Maths

4.4. Wellbeing

4.5. Heath and Social Care

4.6. Drama

5. Pages

5.1. Interests

5.2. Blog

5.3. Photography

5.4. Film

5.5. Industries