HIKARU's map

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HIKARU's map by Mind Map: HIKARU's map

1. past

1.1. Born in 1994 5/17

1.1.1. family mitsuji own a company, which manufacturing. atusmi artist of potter. mitsuki going to university of Osaka. koji going to kindergarden.

1.2. Graduated Kenmei elementary school in 2007

1.2.1. character naughty

1.2.2. hobby swimming

1.3. Graduated Osaka Toin Junior high school in 2010

1.3.1. character shy

1.3.2. hobby soccer american football

1.4. Graduated Osaka Toin high school in 2013

1.5. Graduated Foothill college in 2015

1.6. Worked in Chatwork

1.6.1. 2013-2015 as a research manager

2. now

2.1. SJSU student

2.1.1. major is Political Science

2.1.2. SJSU is a one of the best univ for tech people

2.2. CEO of hackjpn

2.2.1. hackjpn HACK JPN is a company that encourages the mind to utilize the tool of imagination to create a better tomorrow. platform hackjpn.com our client Yamaha Benesse Marubeni Hikari Tsushin NTT data

3. future

3.1. What I want to change

3.1.1. changing Japanese education english participation discussion skills intercultural communication skills leadership mind

3.1.2. changing Japanese economic

3.1.3. changing Japanese imigration system

3.2. What I want to be

3.2.1. Entreprenuer As a entrepreneur, I would like make platform, and innovation in the world. hackjpn,inc. Until Die.

3.2.2. Investor As a investor, I would like to educate and invest my capital for future start up success. I will found Venture Capital in Silicon Valley within 5 years.

3.2.3. Politician As a politician, I would like to change the Japanese education, and grow Japanese economic. I will be politician in Japan, in 5 to 10 years.

3.2.4. learner As a human being, I should see and learn new thing. When I stop to learn anything, I will die. As long as I alive in the world.

3.2.5. hero As a dad, I want be hero of my children. I want my children to be whatever they want, and invest my stuff as long as I can.

3.2.6. Husband As a husband, I want be lover of my future wife forever, even we getting old. my future wife person who love me. person who need me. person who I can make her smile. person who I can make her happy. person who make me kind for anyone. person who I can support her dream. person who can have dream with me. person who love Japan. person who accept different culture. person who eager to study anything. person who can say whatever she want for me.

3.3. plan

3.3.1. within a 1 year grow hackjpn as a leading company in the world. find future wife.

3.3.2. within a 5 years found a Venture Capital to invest future generation. marry with a woman who I can love forever.

3.3.3. within a 10 years be a politician to change the Japanese education.

4. my concept

4.1. change Japan with education

4.2. make happoness around me

4.2.1. me, family, employee, comunity, Osaka, Japan, World.

4.3. support person, who need me.

4.3.1. Don't try to support person who don't need me.

4.4. giving up, which I give up/

4.5. Don't make conflict with anyone as long as possible.

4.5.1. cuz there is no advantage to make opponents.

4.6. Don't forget thanks to anyone.

4.7. Love person who love me.

4.8. Action is louder than any words.