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Erl rannsóknir by Mind Map: Erl rannsóknir

1. Multitask (Hilmar)

1.1. Can students really multitask? An experimental study of instant messaging while reading (Computers & Education, Vol 54, issue 4)

2. Nína

2.1. Technlogy and children

3. Computer Assisted Language Learning (Björk)

3.1. Tungumálakennsla í samb. við tölvur.How can the use of blog software facilitate the writing process of English language learners?

4. Mathematics(jón)

4.1. Computers and Mathematical Philosophies in Educational Trends

4.1.1. The Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching

5. Design (Kiddý)

5.1. Technology & Children:EDITORIAL green technology: redesign.

6. Feedback (Jóhanna Beck)

6.1. The sound of feecback in higher education. Learning, media and technology.

7. Representational competence (Hanna)

7.1. Supporting Representational Competence in High School Biology With Computer-Based Biomolecular Visualizations (The Journal of Computers in Mathematics and Science Teaching; 2007, Vol. 26, Iss. 1)

8. Distance education (Guðrún Þóra)

8.1. Learner and instructor identified success factors in distance education (Distance Education Nov 2008; Vol.29, Iss.3)

9. teaching language online (Sigga)

9.1. Preparing language teachers to teach language online: A look at skills, roles and responsibilities. (Computer assisted language learning Vol 22 nr1 February 2009 bls73-99)

10. Internet notkun unglinga eftir kyni, (Simmi)

10.1. Junior high school students’ Internet usage and self-efficacy: A re-examination of the gender gap. (Computers & Education, Vol 54, issue 4)

11. Second Life, Guðrún Sólonsd

11.1. Tutoring at a distance, online tutoring and tutoring in Second Life David Hawkridge, Matthew Wheeler


12. Computer Assisted Language Learning, Fríða

12.1. Students' and instructors' attitudes toward the use of CALL in foreign language teaching and learning.Detail Only Available By: Wiebe, Grace; Kabata, Kaori. Computer Assisted Language Learning, Jul2010, Vol. 23 Issue 3, p221-234, 14p, 6 Graphs; DOI: 10.1080/09588221.2010.486577; (AN 51174789) Subjects: EDUCATIONAL technology; ENGLISH language -

13. Þátttaka, virkni (Ágúst)

13.1. Þátttaka á félagsvefjum

14. Adult Learning in the Digital Age: Information Technology and the Learning So... Mark Bullen Journal of Distance Education; 2008; 22, 2; Research Library pg. 129 Hrafnhildur

15. Preparing language teachers to teach language online: a look at skills, roles, and responsibilities (Þór)

16. Beyond natives and immigrants: exploring types of net generation students. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning(Hefna)

17. berglind

17.1. A Research Agenda for Online Teacher Professional Development.