Front Matter-Alberta Social Studies PoS

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Front Matter-Alberta Social Studies PoS by Mind Map: Front Matter-Alberta Social Studies PoS

1. Vision-nature of 21st century learners, aboriginal and francophone perspectives

2. Definition

3. Role 1) Values and Attitudes -diversity-respect-social compassion-fairness/justice -sense of belonging -global consciousness -stewardship-lifelong learning -honor traditions 2) Knowledge and Understanding -understand rights and responsibilities -understand uniqueness of Canada -better comprehension of contemporary realities -understand diversity within Aboriginal and Francophone culture -understand current challenges to these peoples -understand how opportunities and responsibilities change-understand dynamic relationship with natural environment 3)Skills and Processes -active inquiry -engage in problem solving/conflict resolution -apply historical and geographic skills to bring meaning to events and issues -conduct research ethically -apply skills of metacognition (what I have learned/what I need to learn) -recognize injustice