Primary ABQ Megan Saulnier

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Primary ABQ Megan Saulnier by Mind Map: Primary ABQ Megan Saulnier

1. What did I want to learn? (Goals from first Reflection/Goal Setting)

1.1. Understanding Assessment and Evaluation - implementation, development, etc

1.1.1. Being properly introduced to the Growing Success Document and other modules was a great opportunity for me. I feel I have learned how to plan assessment and instruction hand in hand. I better understand the various types of assessment and how to use them.

1.1.2. The Running Record assignment was very important for me - this was my first experience seeing and being taught how to use one. I certainly need practice to become effective at doing this, but have a basic idea of how to complete one and where I can get more information.

1.2. Understanding the Primary Learning Environment - how to set up a classroom, management techniques, etc.

1.2.1. I think that the part of the course most valuable to understanding the Primary Learner for me was probably the different theorists/theories. I found the different techniques and practices were all very applicable to providing strategies that spoke to these things.

1.2.2. The section on the Whole Child was very beneficial - Helps you consider all of the needs students have especially at a primary level

2. What information was new to me?

2.1. The ELL/ESL learning we did was relatively new to me. I had not spent much time thinking about strategies for these learners.

2.2. Running Records

2.3. Timetabling - This assignment was fantastic for me - seeing everyone else's work and receiving feedback was a great learning opportunity. I had never created a timetable before. This will be very applicable to future teaching.

2.4. Some of the community supports available for students - I knew of some in my area, but seeing others lists helped me to grow my own.

3. Other learning that interested me...

3.1. Inquiry based lesson planning - I really like the focus on educating students for a future we do not yet know. Instead of just teaching concepts, we are teaching problem solving skills and creating critical thinkers. I think that these are some of the most important skills teachers can provide students with.

3.2. The newsletter for parents and parent involvement section. I feel parents are the first educators of their children and their involvement and support of learning correlates with a students success. So learning ways to communicate and strategies and even just thinking about this was important for me as an educator.

4. Goals Today

4.1. To gain more experiences within primary classrooms to better understand those learners - I am a very 'hands on' learner, the practical experience for me would be valuable. (I have made arrangements to volunteer in a grade one class)

4.2. Continue to work on developing assessment methods that are tied in with instruction. I feel like assessment is just something all teachers can and should always be thinking about and working on improving.

4.3. Continue to work on developing lessons and units planning with the big idea in mind - using problem based and inquiry based methods to promote independent learning

4.4. To use differentiated instruction in all aspects of programming and to consider students needs and exceptionalities, accommodations and modifications always.