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Product Status by Mind Map: Product Status

1. other product statuses are old and deprecated

1.1. available

1.2. no longer available

1.3. out of stock

1.4. in store only

1.5. discontinued

1.5.1. Huge made this up.

2. PDP exists

2.1. in stock = True

2.1.1. available online = True price displays

2.1.2. available online = False We should not message the user in this case.

2.2. in stock = False

2.2.1. available online = True available in store (for pickup) = True Online Only available in store (for pickup) = False Out of Stock Online

2.2.2. available online = False What do we tell the user here?

3. PDP doesn't exist

3.1. No Longer Available

4. other statuses I need to include here?

4.1. availability

4.1.1. ship-to-home

4.1.2. free store pickup

4.2. add to cart