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3rd Grade Science Standards by Mind Map: 3rd Grade Science Standards
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3rd Grade Science Standards

MN State Science Standards- Grade 3

Physical Science

Energy, Energy appears in different forms, including sound and light

Earth Science

The Universe, The sun and moon have locations and movements that can be oberved and described, Objects in the solar system as seen from Earth have various sizes and distinctive patterns of motion

Life Science

Structure and Function of Living Systems, Living things are diverse with many different characteristics that enable them to grow, reproduce, and survive

Evolution in Living Systems, Offspring are generally similar to their parents

The Nature of Science and Engineering

The Practice of Science, Understand that Scientists work as individuals and in groups, Scientific Inquiry is a set of interrelated processes incorporating multiple approaches that are used to pose questions about the natural world and investigage phenomena

Interactions Among Science, Engineering, Technology, and Society, Men and Women throughout history of all cultures, including American Indian tribes, have been involved in engineering design and scientific inquiry, Tools and math help scientists and engineers see more, measure accurately, and accomplish things

National Science Standards- Grades K-4

Science as Inquiry

Ability needed to do scientific inquiry

Understand about scientific inquiry

Physical Science

Properties of objects and materials

Position and motion of objects

Light, heat, Electricity, and Magnetism

LIfe Science

The characteristics of organisms

Life Cycles of Organisms

ORganisms and Environments

Earth and Space Science

Properties of Earth Materials

Objects in the Sky

Changes in Earth and Sky

Science and Technology

Abilities of technological design

Understanding about science and technology

Abilities to distinquish between natural and man-made objects

Personal and Social Perspectives

Personal Health

Characteristics and changes in populations

Types of Resources

Changes in environments

Science and technology in local challenges

History of Nature and Science

Science as a Human endeavor

Grade 3 Science Curriculum


Chemistry is a 4th grade MN state Standard!

Life Science

Electricy and Magnetism

District Science Standards

THe District does not have seperate standards, the MN State Standards are used.