Final idea

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Final idea by Mind Map: Final idea

1. Location

1.1. The main location is at University of Hull but in different areas. Areas such as the cafe, lecture and library.

1.1.1. Text book p. 55-60

1.1.2. Joseph Conrad "Heart of Darkness"

2. characters

2.1. For my music video i only require to people as the main characters however, i will require more as to show realism.

2.1.1. My first character is a 22 year old Turkish female. The female character had to be Turkish or someone that knew Turkish, as the lyrics are in Turkish, so that the character doesn't struggle with lip-singing.

2.1.2. My second character is also a Turkish, 22 year old male character who is It is not required for the male character to know Turkish as there are not words spoken for him. This means that he could be a non-Turkish person. It would be a better idea to consider a character from a different background as it could portray diversity and a strong message.

3. Theories that apply and challenge

3.1. Tessa Perkins

3.1.1. My music video would highly to Tessa Perkins' theory of stereotypes. this is due to the stereotypes of gender and their personalities in which many would relate to. As my music video is about male's struggle to propose to their love, it reinforces this in the perspective of the male as well as the female.

3.2. Laura Mulvey

3.2.1. In some parts of the music video Laura Mulvey's theory will be challenged in terms of reverse, so that instead of portraying women as the sexual object it will be both, so that there is a slight balance with the sexual presentation of the gender.

3.3. Blumler and Katz

3.3.1. This divides into four categories: surveillance, Personal Identity, Personal Relationship and Diversion. The music video that i will be creating will highly relate to all four categories as in terms of surveillance, some people are aware of the struggle that men go through.. in terms of Personal identity, many males especially those in the same age group will create relevance to the meaning of the music video in which will mean that they will consider the music video as they relate to it, and feel they are not the only one. In terms of Personal relationships, it would allow people to create conversations with those that also relate to the music video as well as those who they do not know in person, such as social media for example YouTube, through comments people comment and reply to each other to show agreement, disagreement or their own personal views. And finally, in terms of Diversion, people will highly forget about their own situation and focus on what they are watching however, sometimes this can be vise versa, watching and creating relation to it.

3.4. Stuart Hall

3.4.1. As Stuart Hall has identified the Reception Theory, the music video that i will consider making will probably fall in the category of Dominant or Preferred, however, some may disagree with the meaning that i have in purpose of the music video.

4. Chosen song

4.1. This song goes under the pop genre. it is obvious through the beat, the mise-en-scene elements such as the colour and the clothes/costumes.

4.1.1. New vocabulary

5. Narrative

5.1. Overview-The narrative focuses on the struggle that males face towards expressing their feelings about love. This presents this through the perspective of university students. However, the female character is aware of his feelings towards her and awaits for him to propos, which she also maintains feelings towards him too. The perspective of this is expressed through both views however, this may be unbalanced.