Summary shekel

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Summary shekel by Mind Map: Summary shekel

1. Possesives Cloting.

1.1. If the issue is this About the type of clothing US Even describing character .

2. 1 computing

3. verbs

4. This issue is related to regular and irregular verbs.

5. Be or not be

6. If this issue was related to the Self o not be.

7. Importance of numbers.

8. If this item concerned about how important are the numbers

9. Possesive adjetives.

10. This issue relates to the possessive adjectives importances of them .

11. Pronouns

11.1. This issue is related to the pronoun that is very important to know .

12. What are you doing.

12.1. if this issue is about an activity we are doing .

13. Where are you from

13.1. Here you had to describe where we were from our address .

14. 2 computing

15. Description nationality

15.1. If this issue was made here which is a description of our city.

16. Negatives statement questions withbe

16.1. Is about negative states.

17. Presente continuos.