Martin Luther

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Martin Luther by Mind Map: Martin Luther

1. 1. Early Life

1.1. Born in Eisleben, Germany, in 1483

1.2. Monk

2. 3. Justification by Faith Alone

2.1. Believe in God is all that is needed to go to heaven

3. 2. Sale of Indulgences

3.1. John Tetzel

3.2. 95 theses

3.2.1. It is said he nailed these to his church in Wittenbrrg

4. 4. Response from Rome

4.1. Pope Leo X ordered Luther's activities to be investigated

4.2. Debate at Leipzig - Luther questioned the authority of the pope

4.3. Papal Bull (Exurge Domini)

4.4. Luther publicly burned the Papal Bull

5. 5. Diet of Worms

5.1. Emperor Charles V

5.2. Luther did not recant

5.3. 'Edict of Worms' declared Luther an outlaw

6. 6. Wartburg Castle

6.1. Frederick the Wise protected Luther

6.2. Luther Translated the New Testament into German

7. 7. Luther ideas Vs The Catholic churches ideas

7.1. Two Sacraments, not seven

7.2. Mass in vernacular, not Latin

7.3. Priests could marry