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Communities by Mind Map: Communities

1. Church, Our Lady of Lavang

1.1. Teacher Assitance

1.1.1. Help students grow in faith Students who have already graduated has come back to help the students Retreats PAWS Lessons

1.1.2. Plan for next class Activities that were planned last year Barely has any ideas to help them Needs permission from teacher to do half the stuff we want to plan

1.1.3. Needs to follow teacher lessons

1.1.4. Other Teacher Assitance Irlee -- Helps plan the activities Anthony -- buys the materials needed for the activity

1.1.5. Is bored half the time the teacher is talking

1.2. Teacher -- So Hanh

1.2.1. A nun/sister

1.2.2. Lectures a lot

1.2.3. Was gone for the past two weeks

1.2.4. Doesn't know what to talk about when class is almost over

1.2.5. Put us in charge of prayers

1.3. Students

1.3.1. They can't stop talking They pass notes in class

1.3.2. They won't open up to the class

1.3.3. They're quiet when they're on the spot

1.3.4. They sit with friends more than they do with others We're a family, not groups

1.3.5. They're disrespectful when it comes to us talking

1.3.6. They take the TA's for granted

1.3.7. They're clueless as to what the class is about

1.4. Private School

1.4.1. Every Saturday

2. Westfield High School

3. ACP