Action Plan for ELL Students at an American International School

Project Control, Project Closing, Timeline template

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Action Plan for ELL Students at an American International School by Mind Map: Action Plan for ELL Students at an American International School

1. Assess Reading Skills

1.1. Choose a standardized assessment like the SRI or MAP.

1.1.1. Recruit Project Sponsor

1.1.2. Recruit Project Manager

1.1.3. Review Related Projects and Lessons Learned

1.1.4. Prepare Project Initiation Plan

1.1.5. Brief the Initial Project Team

1.1.6. Review Project Kick-off Plans and Presentation Map

1.1.7. Hold Project Kick-off Meeting

1.2. Allot a specific time for testing.

1.2.1. Establish Project Objective

1.2.2. Establish Project Scope

1.2.3. Map Requirements

1.2.4. Map Solution

1.2.5. Map Training Requirement

1.2.6. Review Project Scope

1.3. Determine student's reading level.

1.3.1. Determine Project Approach, Stages and Steps

1.3.2. Estimate Project Duration

1.3.3. Establish Resource Requirements

1.3.4. Prepare Project Schedule and Budget

1.3.5. Prepare Work breakdown structure

1.3.6. Document Success Criteria

1.3.7. Review Project Schedule

1.4. Pinpoint clear weakness or strengths.

1.4.1. Identify Project Resources

1.4.2. Recruit Project Steering Committee

1.4.3. Recruit Project Coordinators

1.4.4. Identify / Recruit Key Stakeholders

1.4.5. Determine Training Requirements

1.4.6. Map the Project Organization Chart

1.4.7. Review Project Organization

1.5. Implement necessary remediations or interventions

2. Assess Spoken English and Socialization Skills

2.1. Observe student in classroom and social settings

2.1.1. Establish checkpoints

2.1.2. Acquire team resources for stage

2.1.3. Conduct stage kick-off meeting

2.2. Take notes on student interactions with adults

2.2.1. Determine Frequency of Meetings

2.2.2. Schedule Meetings

2.2.3. Brief Project Board

2.2.4. Prepare Meetings

2.2.5. Conduct Meetings

2.2.6. Follow-up Meeting

2.3. Take notes on student interactions with peers

2.3.1. Schedule Quality Review Meeting

2.3.2. Prepare for Quality Review Meeting

2.3.3. Conduct Quality Review Meeting

2.3.4. Follow-up Quality Review Meeting

2.4. Meet with fellow observers to reach conclusions about student levels and needs

2.4.1. Update Project Schedule

2.4.2. Update Budget / Costs

2.4.3. Conduct Team Status Review

2.4.4. Create Status Report

2.5. Implement necessary remediations or interventions

2.5.1. Request Changes

2.5.2. Identify Alternative Solutions

2.5.3. Conduct Steering Committee Meeting

2.5.4. Document Change Responses

2.5.5. Implement Change(s)

3. Schedule Parent / Guardian Meetings

3.1. Schedule a meeting with parents or guardians

3.1.1. Prepare Product Evaluation

3.1.2. Conduct Product Evaluation

3.1.3. Initiate Maintenance Process

3.2. Present conclusions reached after testing

3.2.1. Prepare for Project Closure Meeting

3.2.2. Conduct Project Closure Meeting

3.2.3. Follow Up Project Closure Meeting

3.3. Ask follow up questions to determine the use of English in the home.

3.3.1. Prepare Project Review

3.3.2. Conduct Project Review

3.3.3. Implement Process Improvement

3.4. Determine parent desires or concerns as it relates to student socialization skills.

4. Set clear and measurable goals for Language Acquisition and Socialization

4.1. Use parent interviews to establish peer to peer socialization goals.

4.1.1. Will play with peers at recess

4.1.2. Will collaborate with peers in small group work

4.2. Use parent interviews to establish child / teacher socialization goals.

4.2.1. Will participate in class discussions.

4.2.2. Will be able to answer questions in class

4.3. Use classroom observations to determine achievable academic communication goals

4.4. Use formal and informal assessments to set academic goals.

5. Monitor student progress and achievement against goals

5.1. Establish weekly or biweekly student checkin

5.2. Establish monthly or quarterly parent/guardian checkins

5.3. Share goals with the student in a student friendly format

5.4. Establish and implement a reward system for meeting or exceeding goals