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Light by Mind Map: Light

1. By Gabriel Falade

2. Transperant

2.1. Tranlucent objects are see throgh. Light is transmited.

3. Refraction

3.1. Refraction is when the light bends.

4. Shadow

4.1. A shadow is an area that is competly black with no light. It is formed when a object comes between light and its surface. The father father away from light the better shadow. The closer to light the blurry the shadow is.

5. Reflection

5.1. Reflion is when light bonces off of an object at an angle. This causes our reflection.

6. Opaque

6.1. Opaque objects don't let any shadows go throgh. They usauly form shadows.

7. Translucent

7.1. Translucent objects let some light pass throgh. Some light is transmited the rest is scattered.