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1. Questions

1.1. Accumula With Lightspeed/Magento & Bronto

1.2. Magento Point of Service

1.3. Brightpearl

2. Inventory

2.1. Ordering

2.1.1. Single unit orders (for online) Auto-create PO/ send automated email to vendor. Hello asd;flj Check order confirmation against PO for discrepancies 3. IF INCORRECT- Update PO to reflect confirmed shipped items

2.1.2. Bulk Orders 1. Ron/Joe place phone order. 2. PO creation in software with reflected discounts

2.2. Receiving

2.2.1. Check packing slip/ invoice against PO

2.2.2. Check packed contents accurate with packing slip.

2.2.3. IF incorrect, update system to reflect appropriate intake.

2.3. Shipping

2.4. Item Creation

3. Positions

3.1. Sales Person

3.1.1. Invoice Customer Create Customer Write Invoice Park Invoice Retrieve Parked Invoice

3.1.2. Return Item

3.1.3. Exchange Item

3.1.4. Other Invoice Options Park Invoice Retrieve Parked Invoice

3.2. Shipping Manager

3.2.1. Process Order

3.2.2. Order out of stock inventory

3.3. Marketing Manager

3.3.1. Review Reports

3.4. Buyer

3.4.1. Order Inventory

3.4.2. Intake an order

3.5. CFO/Accounting

3.6. Store Manager

4. ERPNext

4.1. Rolls

4.2. Setup

4.2.1. Users

4.2.2. Permissions

4.2.3. Settings System Settings Language: English Timezone: America/Los Angeles Float Precision: 3? Session Expiry: 6 Hours? Session Expiry Mobile: 720 Hours? Email Footer Address? Enable Schedule Jobs: Yes? Ignore User Permissions if missing: No? Show/Hide Modules Naming Series Global Defaults Default Company: Pacific Stereo

4.2.4. Data

4.2.5. Email Email Accounts

4.2.6. Printing

4.2.7. Workflow

4.2.8. Integrations

4.2.9. Customize

4.2.10. System

4.2.11. Website

4.2.12. Help

4.2.13. Accounts

4.2.14. Stock Stock Settings Item Name by: Item Code Default Item Group: Products Default Valuation Method: FIFO Default Stock UOM: Unit Allowance Percent: 10% Auto Insert Price List rate if missing: Yes Allow Negative Stock: Yes Automatically set serial Nos based on FIFO: No Item Group Tree Products Raw Materials Services Unit Of Measure Unit Hour Minute Warehouses Riverside Mission Viejo Woodland Hills Brand Price Lists Item Price Item Attribute

4.2.15. Selling

4.2.16. Buying

4.2.17. Human Resources

4.2.18. Support