host presses add event with non-reschedulable

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host presses add event with non-reschedulable by Mind Map: host presses add event with non-reschedulable

1. event without user

1.1. ensure validation done

1.2. adds event to circle as json dot

1.3. ensure that pushed to api

1.4. if net not avail, push to server when avail

1.4.1. tell the user

1.5. go to arrival times before event in iii.

2. event with registered users

2.1. push to server and ensure that the number is checked with and without the area code

2.2. server sends push notification to the parties with the app registered

2.3. go to a.

3. after event created in add event_table (iii)

3.1. push notification

3.2. arrival notice

4. event with non-registered users

4.1. sends sms to these users that event is added

4.2. ensure that this person's status is not considered by server and make him as n/a

5. a. invited receives Event invitiation

5.1. invited receives push notification with the event details

5.2. user clicks on the notif and opens the event invite page

5.3. user clicks accept or rej

5.4. if accept, it adds to the calendar locally, db, and server

5.5. sends to the host.. go to b.

6. b.event confirmation

6.1. host gets a push notification that user has accepted/rejected event

6.2. user can see from event details page any time what the status of the event it