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hombdx by Mind Map: hombdx

1. How

1.1. joining the Parent Support Group (PSG)



2. EVIDENCE 2: online forum created by parents to discuss parenting and education issues

3. EVIDENCE 1: Candy,"My son attends CCA-Chess at Northland Primary School. During their Chess practice every Saturday and chess competitions in other schools/CCs, parents take turns taking care of the kids. And parents know one another well.

4. At Northland Pri Sch, parent support group is called chamPS ( Parents are encouraged to be engaged in school activities: "Research shows that parental engagement is a powerful lever for raising pupil achievement in schools. Where parents and teachers work together to improve learning, the gains in achievement have been found to be significant and therefore, the school appreciates the role that parents can play as their partners-in-education." "The school would like to invite like-minded parents who are available to join as parent volunteers. I"


6. School encourages parents to get involve in the school planning and activities

7. schools often conducts parent meeting session


9. Managing Different Expectations

10. EVIDENCE 2: During my son's Annual Sports Day earlier this year, the school thanked parents in the organizing committee for organizing the event and encouraged parents to join the committee.

11. wants the best for their child

11.1. Family Mattters: The role of parents in Singapore education

11.2. EVIDENCE 1: newspaper articles in Forum (Straits Times, written by parents regarding education)

12. EVIDENCE 3: websites like; where parents discussed best schools to enrol their kids

13. Survey to our friends/relatives who are parents through Survey Monkey with these questions: (1) Do you think parents should be involved in their children's education? Why and why not? (2) Do you think parents should volunteer their efforts in their children's school? Why and why not? (3) As a parent, what are your expectations of schools and teachers? (4) Are you a parent volunteer? Do you know of anyone who is a parent volunteer? (5) If you are a volunteer, what is your objective of being one?

13.1. Survey Link:

14. Developing Effective parenting support group

15. Stakeholders in Education :

16. Shaping Singapore future: Thinking School Learning Nation (pp 112-122) Goh Chok Tong's speech in 1997,

17. Parents are involved in the school's activities and curriculums compared to the past. Based on observations and experiences,use relevant examples, documents and statistics to substantiate this stand.

17.1. Past

17.1.1. Why? parents are less educated school only call parents when the child fails or naughty

17.2. Present

17.2.1. Why? parent's are more educated EVIDENCE: get statistic of average household income and qualification of Singaporeans (1980s versus 2000)

17.2.2. Evidence & Support

18. Required Readings


19. How parent's involvement in school affects educators

19.1. *Harnessing parents as a force to enhance students' learning

20. Class Activites: must be relevant, interactive and creative

20.1. Quizes

20.2. Group discussions

20.3. Group Presentations of their learning

20.4. Puzzles

21. Presentation Sequence