The Eye

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The Eye by Mind Map: The Eye

1. 3 layers

1.1. sclera

1.2. choroid

1.3. retina

2. muscles of the eye

2.1. 4 rectus

2.2. 2 oblique

2.3. crossed eyed is also known as strabismus

3. cunjuctiva

3.1. mucous membrane

3.2. continuous covering

3.3. serves as a protection

4. Pathology

4.1. astigmatism: light rays are focused unevenly of retina

4.2. cataract: damage to lens causing cloudiness

4.3. glaucoma: increase in intraocular pressure

4.4. hyperopia: farsightedness

4.5. macular degeneration: deterioration of the macular are of the retina

4.6. myopia: nearsightedness

4.7. retinal detachment: occurs when retina becomes separated from the choroid layer

4.8. conjunctivitis: inflammation of the conjunctiva usually caused by bacteria. 100% curable

4.9. strabismus: eye muscle weakness

5. Diagnostic procedures

5.1. color vision test: use of polychromic charts

5.2. ophthalmoscope: instrument used to examine the inside of the pupil

5.3. ophthalmoscopy: process of examination of the pupil

5.4. snellen chart: chart used for testing distance vision

5.5. tonometry: measurement of the intraocular pressure

6. Therapeutic procedures

6.1. laserassisted in situ karatomileusis: correction of lyopia using lazer surgery