Third Party Platforms (5th Hour)

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Third Party Platforms (5th Hour) by Mind Map: Third Party Platforms (5th Hour)

1. Constitutional Party

1.1. They heavily support the original Constitution, the original Declaration of Independence, and the Bible.

1.1.1. They want a Theoretical America- they heavily support religion in government.

1.1.2. They want a strong national defense and the promotion of equal justice for all.

1.1.3. They do not support Obamacare.

1.1.4. Each person is given certain unalienable rights by his or her creator. They want people to be free with the rights of ¨Life, Liberty, Family, Property, Constitution, State´s-Rights, and American Sovereignty.

1.1.5. They don´t support Gun Control or Illegal Immigrants.

2. Green Party

2.1. We support abortion for all women

2.2. We oppose the death penalty.

2.3. Fully support the Social Security System

2.4. We want universal health care, and background information on a patient does not matter (ability to pay, prior medical care)

2.5. Committed to environmentalism,

3. Communist Party

3.1. The abolition of private property

3.2. Land reform so the govrenment can distribute it for the common good

3.3. Control over all industrial use, in order to make sure it for the common good.

3.4. Build foreign relation with Germany and the soviet union, being ally against capitalism

3.5. Command economy

3.6. Oppose the use of nuclear power and drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge

4. Libertarian Party!

4.1. we want a better Economic

4.2. we are committed to ending government "spying"

4.3. We support full freedom of expression

4.4. We seek a world of liberty

4.5. let parents decide their child's educational future

4.6. Force and fraud must be banished from human relationships

4.7. We favor a free market health care system

4.8. Support migration from tyranny but support control of immigrants who pose a threat to the U.S.

4.9. we want security.

4.10. Retirement planning is the responsibility of the individual

4.11. We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression

4.12. Libertarians embrace the concept that all people are born with certain inherent rights

4.13. Como libertarios, buscamos un mundo de libertad, un mundo donde todos sean soberanos de su propia vida, sin que se obligue a nadie a sacrificar sus valores para beneficio de otros.

5. Transhumanist Party

5.1. For modern science

5.2. Movement to legalize recreational drugs like marijuana and end costly drug war.

5.3. want a robotic bill of rights

5.4. Want to improve human life span by using science.

5.5. Believe science, health, and technology are the most important things in politics.

5.6. Zoltan Istvan is the presidential candidate for this party.

5.7. Dream to achieve physical perfection and immortality.

5.8. Want a flat tax for everyone

5.9. Spread a pro-science culture by emphasizing reason and secular values

5.10. Reboot the space program with significantly increased government resources

5.11. Zoltan promises to end death

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