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National Press Assoc by Mind Map: National Press Assoc

1. Membership site

1.1. Press pass for media access

1.2. How to write a press release guide/trip wire

1.3. Facebook/community group to discuss pitches and media events

2. Course:How to be reporter in 10 days

2.1. How to get blog featured in mainstream TV news

3. Coaching

3.1. 30 min calls/video education

4. How to improve branding for blog

4.1. 6 week online course-designed for marketing only

4.2. how blog branding drives traffic

5. Live events

5.1. The insider tips to getting into high profile news events

6. Course: What sets bloggers apart

6.1. How to be expert blogger

7. Everything you need to be a media blogger: beginner to expert

8. How to create a blogging community

9. How to create excellent media content

9.1. Basic outline news reporters use to build accurate and condensed stories

9.2. Take you inside reporter's notebook

10. How to guide to generating more $$$ as media blogger

11. How to create press worthy blog newsletter

11.1. Difference between media blog & newsletter

12. Difference between media blog & newsletter