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GVO Conference: The Biggest Communications Launch in History by Mind Map: GVO Conference:
The Biggest
Launch in History
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GVO Conference: The Biggest Communications Launch in History

What business is GVO Conference in?

Get Connected Save Time Save Cost

International Online Communication

Web Conference

Online Meetings

Online Training

Online Support

Product Launches

Product Demonstrations

Sales Management

Stay Connected with Long Distance Family Members

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Online Network Marketing Opportunity: The Right Product.The Right Price.The Right Timing

GVO Conference Package Summary

What do you get for $8.97/month, 50 Seat Conference Room, Promotional Tools Kit, Live Conference Training/Sales, 12 year Track Record, Best Compensation Plan In The Industry, One Time Set Up Fees of $29.99 follow by $8.97/month

What is GVO Conference?

Online Communications

GVO Conference is a remote meeting and desktop sharing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet in real-time.

Price Point

$8.97/month for a 50 seats conference room

$29.99 one time set up fee when sign up

Upgrade to higher seating capacity and services available

Marketing of the product

The product is distributed using network marketing model

What is Web Conference

Web Conference: Wikipedia

GVO Conference Software


GVO Conference User Manual

Software Features

General, How to join the conference, General, Sign In, Sign Out, Desktop Control, AUDIO/VIDEO CONTROLLERS, Disable or enable web cam or microphone, TALK NOW, Click to enable voice to be broadcast to members logged into your conference room., HANDS FREE, Moderator can click tab to speak hands free, MUTE CURRENT SPEAKER, Moderator can mute guest speaker, REMOVE CURRENT SPEAKER, Moderator can remove guest speaker from room, BAN CURRENT SPEAKER, Moderator can ban guest speaker from room, RECORD, Moderator can record full audio/video of presentation

Members, MEMBERS, Lists all guests present in room, Sign In, Sign Out, FLAGS, Moderator can see country flag to members location, 1-1 FULL DUPLEX, Enable MODERATOR to go into a private video and audio conversation with an end user.

Chat, Owner, Moderators and all guests can text all messages in the conference room, CLEAR TEXT CHAT, Moderator can clear all text chat posted

Browser, You can load any web sites to be view by all users

Presentation, You can upload and present your PowerPoint Presentation

Show, You can upload your video and live stream to all users

Desktop Sharing, Moderator can display desktop to end users

Files, ACCESS TO SHARED FILES, Send files to guests in room

Network Marketing Opportunity

Opportunity Overview



GVO Conference gives you the opportunity to earn residual monthly commissions on any paid client you refer into the conferencing program. GVO Conference allow the affiliates to achieve the highest levels of payments very quickly!

GVO Conference Pre-Launch: The Biggest Communications Launch in History. Now The Whole World Can Afford World Class 50 Seats Online Meetings for $8.97/month. Superior Online Product For Your Network Marketing Opportunities

Superior Online Product Distributed by Network Marketing Model

7 Years In The Making by A 12 Year Old Successful Tech Company

Competitors Crushing Price Point:$8.97/month compare with $99/month by others, Why?, GVO Own The DataCentre, The software and no middle man

Compensation Plan

Commission Overide, Overide 2 Levels, To get paid down 2 levels, GVO conference requires that you have 2 direct referrals. You must sign up 2 people in order to get paid down 2 levels., Overide 5 Levels, To be paid down the full 5 levels, we require that you have 4 direct referrals. You must sign up 4 people in order to get paid down the full 5 levels., 10% Commission, Personally Sponsored Affiliaite Sales, You will receive 10% on any personally sponsored affiliate sales through levels 1-5., Sales of Personally Sponsored Affiliate, You will also collect 10% on anyone that your direct sales (direct referrals) bring into GVO conference through levels 2-5.

Quick Start Bonus, To put money in your pocket fast! We pay a very healthy 50% commission on the first month of all your new paid direct sales. Example: You sign up 10 people in one month; you would receive 50% commission on those people, plus all your existing commissions on all the people that fall into your matrix!

Matching Check Bonus, Any paid direct sales (direct referral) you will collect a 20% matching check commission on their total sales. Example: If one of your direct sale (direct referrals) accumulates $2000 in downline commissions, you will collect an extra $400 in that month on top of your regular commissions.

Top 10 Spot Leaders Bonus Pool, If you are in one of the top 10 spots on our leader board for overall monthly sales. You will collect on part of our 10% monthly NET profits.

Marketing Resources


Giap, GVO Conference Review: Your Latest Top Notch Web Conference Product for Profitable Online Communication Worldwide

Josh Andrus, Josh Andrus GVO Conference Series, GVO Webcast tip 2 Earth

GVO Conference Affiliaite Sites

GVO Conference Webinar: Josh Andrus

GVO Conference Review: Giap


GVO Conference Software

Video Conference Software

GVO Conference Software Review : Somesh Thakur

GVO Conference Biz: Gary Chappelle

GVO Conference Review .Net

GVO Hot Conference

Marketing Taglines

5 Powerful Competitive Edge of GVO Conference, Immediate Satisfaction, International Market, High Residual Income, Price Point( We Own Our Data Centre), Superior Live Support

7 Years In The Making by A 12 Year Old Successful Tech Company

Network Marketing, GVO Conference is Including The Best Promotional Tool's Kit On The Planet, GVO Conference Pre-Launch: The Biggest Communications Launch in History. Now The Whole World Can Afford World Class 50 Seats Online Meetings for $8.97/month. Superior Online Product For Your Network Marketing Opportunities

Online Communication Product, GVO Conference Pre-Launch: The Biggest Communications Launch in History. Now The Whole World Can Afford World Class 50 Seats Online Meetings for $8.97/month, Why Every Company Online Will Be Switching to GVO Conference Webinar Services, International Communication, Web Conference, Online Meetings, Online Training, Online Support, Product Launches, Product Demonstrations, Sales Management, Stay Connected with Long Distance Family Members

Who Needs GVO Conference ?

Users of Meetings and Conferences

You must travel long distances for meetings or conferences, yet you’d actually be relieved to not have to spend on travel costs and time – even time wasted stuck in traffic jams, if you could figure out another method which would be just as efficient

Trainers and Educators

Conduct lessons, meetings, seminars, displays

Product Promoters

You have products that you would like to promote and give a demo to prospective clients, however it’s tough to meet them in person to do so, due to distance

Business Opportunity Seekers

You want to have an opportunity to earn decent earnings from a very high value but low-priced product – and get recurring month-to-month commissions – simply by referring others who begin using the product


Have family or loved ones around the world and like to remain in contact, or even have common family time together


Have buddies or contacts in different regions of the world or your own country, with whoever you would want to speak with more face to face

Skype Users

Use Skype usually to speak with others

Charity Organizers

You run a charitable institution or organization and want to have a chance to communicate face-to-face with sponsors or potential donors.

For example, your sponsors could spend some time chatting with an underprivileged child they may be sponsoring, or attend their birthday party (which they can’t due to distance)

How To Get Started

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