Personality adjectives

Adjectives that describe personality - basic vocabulary

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Personality adjectives by Mind Map: Personality adjectives

1. brave

1.1. someone who isn't afraid of danger

1.2. Johnny is a coastguard. He is very brave.

1.3. tapfer, mutig

2. chatty

2.1. someone who talks a lot

2.2. Maria is a very chatty person. She is always on the phone to friends.

2.3. gesprächig, geschwätzig

3. clever

3.1. good at learning things

3.2. Gerald is very clever. He always gets top marks in class.

3.3. gescheit, schlau

4. easy-going

4.1. someone who takes things easy

4.2. My husband is very easy-going.

4.3. unbeschwert, gelassen

5. friendly

5.1. someone who is nice to other people

5.2. The people in my office are really friendly! I love working there.

5.3. freundlich, nett

6. generous

6.1. someone who shares their time or things with others

6.2. My parents are very generous. They bought me a car for my birthday!

6.3. großzügig, selbstlos

7. grumpy

7.1. someone who is bad-tempered

7.2. My boss is really grumpy. He isn't an easy person to get along with.

7.3. mürrisch, grantig

8. hard-working

8.1. someone who works very hard

8.2. My brother is very hard-working. He hardly ever takes a day off.

8.3. fleißig, arbeitssam

9. honest

9.1. someone who is truthful and who doesn't cheat or steal

9.2. Amina is a very honest. She always tells the truth.

9.3. ehrlich, anständig

10. kind

10.1. someone who behaves in a caring way towards other people

10.2. Most of the people I've met here have been kind.

10.3. liebenswürdig, nett

11. lazy

11.1. an inactive person who avoids work

11.2. Pete is very lazy. He never ever does his homework.

11.3. faul, träge

12. moody

12.1. someone who behaves differently every time you meet them

12.2. Nina is very moody. Yesterday she said 'hello' - today she just ignored me.

12.3. launisch, mürrisch

13. nasty

13.1. a mean, unpleasant person

13.2. I don't really know any nasty people. Most people I know are very nice.

13.3. unangenehm, fies, gemein

14. neat

14.1. a person who is very tidy

14.2. My classmate George is very neat and well organised. His desk is always tidy.

14.3. ordentlich, sauber

15. nice

15.1. someone who is friendly and kind

15.2. My best friend Lin is a really nice person. She is always there for me.

15.3. lieb, nett

16. polite

16.1. someone who has good manners

16.2. Abdullah is a very polite boy. He always says please and thank you.

16.3. höflich, artig

17. popular

17.1. somebody who is liked by many people

17.2. My cousin Ali is very popular. He has a lot of friends.

17.3. beliebt, populär

18. quiet

18.1. someone who doesn't talk very much

18.2. Helen is a quiet person. She isn't very talkative.

18.3. ruhig, schweigsam

19. selfish

19.1. someone who only thinks about themselves

19.2. Jeremy is very selfish. He never helps out with the housework.

19.3. egoistisch, selbstsüchtig

20. shy

20.1. quiet and a little bit nervous around other people

20.2. Claire is very shy. She doesn't speak much in class.

20.3. schüchtern, scheu

21. silly

21.1. someone who is a bit foolish, or doesn't behave in a serious way

21.2. Gina is a bit silly. She messes about in class when she should be working.

21.3. dumm, albern, blöd

22. wise

22.1. someone with a lot of common sense and knowledge

22.2. Ma granddad was a very wise man. He taught me many things.

22.3. klug, vernünftig, weise