Eastern Shore Food System 2030 – Map K

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Eastern Shore Food System 2030 – Map K by Mind Map: Eastern Shore Food System 2030 – Map K

1. Adjuctt common perceive diet to plant and seafood via education so that table cross become staple foods

1.1. Also educate people how to can/freeze/preserve fresh/local foods for non-harvest seasons

1.1.1. New tech in freezing fresh Interesting season extension

1.1.2. Bring task like these back into the school said children graduate with more survival skills

1.2. Food industry is consumer driven

1.3. Summary: education, convincing people to eat healthy, methods for year-round produce excess ability, new technologies

2. Address issues of race and equity in food system

2.1. What spearheads this effort? From what angle do we approach this issue

2.2. Yes!

2.3. Summary: food equity

3. More small locally owned farms?

3.1. What about Mid sized farms

3.1.1. Dying breed hard to sustain in current market system New Topic

3.1.2. Must be profitable

3.1.3. How do we convince the younger population to go into the farming profession Medical marijuana And recreational marijuana – on its way to MD Land is expensive. Start up costs are fine. Some kind of incentive? Whole Foods pricing system geared to create false cheap foods. Farmers jobs perceived as not enough pay to survive let alone thrive Government subsidies to encourage younger population to go into farming

4. More produce in area

4.1. Sustainable aquaculture

4.2. There are not enough supply? I disagree during peak season

4.3. Rose and supply chains for local farms

4.3.1. Can extension help train new farmers and 10 form credit help fund that Yes

5. More diverse crops grown – not necessarily if you are chickens but more kinds of crops. Ecosystems are stronger when they're bio diverse.

5.1. Agreed – need to expand popular knowledge of breath of possible foods

5.1.1. Make it easy to find this diversity of food, recipes, cooking demos Or tastes

5.1.2. More edible cover crops

5.2. Education would be a key factor. Are there people in the area who have tried this?

5.2.1. Common messages too young – keep trying to educate and it will get through's to some

5.3. Consumer driven farmers can grow

5.4. My CSA grows 164 crops/varieties on ROA

5.5. Summary: crop diversity and education

6. Summary: how do we focus our efforts in local farming? Table crops versus commodities

7. Fewer chickens more table crops

7.1. But it's a huge industry. These chicken farmers are producing significant dollars into local economies

7.1.1. At great cost

7.1.2. And producing toxic conditions – do you know that many chicken farmers will not eat the chickens raised in these horrible conditions?!

7.1.3. Jobs jobs jobs for Delmarva Good workers are hard to find More training opportunities Chesapeake College is starting But are they good jobs? Transportation, logistics, culinary arts they can be… Can food jobs really be an engine for economic growth? Evidence? AG jobs that pay well are few and far between – robot and technology will replace workers Summary: jobs

7.2. Chicken poop is a problem

7.2.1. Cost of transporting litter is the problem

7.2.2. Used to fertilize land New systems turning chicken waste into energy. Let's Grow these!

7.2.3. Who says

7.2.4. Better then synthetic fertilizers

7.2.5. Too much phosphorus already Burnet?

7.3. Amount of meat/chicken eaten by the population is unsustainable

7.3.1. I like meat

7.4. Summary: chicken farm industry, sustainability and fertility

8. How do we ensure that our most vulnerable population receives the food and education they require to take advantage of local food etc.?

8.1. Get resources to family so parents don't need to work so many hours and have time to shop for and prepare healthy food

8.1.1. Produce truck

8.1.2. Increased wages across-the-board?

8.1.3. Difficult to get corporate/urban resources into Wirral areas Hunting Very true! In Maryland most money from foundations for this go to Baltimore. Granted the need is great there, but we needed him rural areas too!

8.2. Summary: food security

9. Find a use for food waste from school cafeterias

9.1. Donate to local shelters

9.1.1. Done by many farmers already

9.2. Develop food recovery program

9.2.1. Good idea. Who could do it? Compost!! Everyone can do it on some scale

9.3. Summary: food waste

10. Loss of farmland to produce foods to building

10.1. Development concerns?

10.1.1. When turbines are a threat to local communities

10.1.2. Right to farm?

10.1.3. Yes! How do we keep smart growth efforts going in this region when shopping malls and housing developments are marching down the shore every day? Now Talbot County Council seem supportive of growth. Gross. Growth. New concept in planned development focused away from golf course to Farms. Incorporating sustainable/local Aggie into neighborhoods. However still just for wealthy Love the idea of making developers include a farm inside of larger development! Fight rewrite of county comprehensive plan Network, organize, become a sizable voice Organize, focus grows in targeted areas organize focus on food, farmland NBA

10.2. Smart land policy essential farmland loss is serious problem

10.3. Summary: smart growth grows small towns does not need to be a binary decision what does smart growth look like? Economy development

11. Gigantic opportunity! 1 million continuous acres of farmland within four hours of one third of the nation's population

11.1. What portion are commodities versus table cross? Can food produced Feed local population and beyond

11.1.1. We do have enough farmland to feed locals and beyond

11.1.2. Government subsidies to corn and soybean crops are an issue. Hard for farmers to transition to table props when the money is in corn and soy Pressure department of ad

11.1.3. Is it enough to increase the amount of food grown locally rather than thinking farms need to produce for local population? How much of your household food budget is really spent on fresh veggies and fruits and how much do you spend at Acme? Oh look! Here comes Harris Teeter to Easton! likely very small How to move the needle toward eating healthier foods to improve our overall health? Grocery stores can commit to buying and selling local farms it! And consumers can influence this with their purchasing power and choices

11.2. Summary: healthy lifestyles! How do we move toward this more