Investing in Bitcoins and cryptocurrency can make you a nice profit. Here is list of the lending/borrowing exchanges that are currently operating.

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Bitcoins by Mind Map: Bitcoins

1. LoanBase

1.1. Deposit Address

1.2. Dashboard Reports

1.3. Affiliate Program

2. Investments

2.1. Loaning Guide

2.1.1. Tips Always exercise caution when investing! Perform careful risk evaluation when making a loan. Communicate with the borrower and find out as much about the loan as possible. Offer smaller loans and higher interest rates to borrowers with low reputation and no credit history. Make multiple small loans instead of few large ones.

2.2. Lending Marketplaces

2.2.1. BitBond Deposit Address Portfolio Affiliate Program

2.2.2. BTCjam BTCjamTop Bot filters best investments. Deposit Address Portfolio