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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0
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Globalization 3.0


Insourcing is giving a job to someone in the same country, instead of sending it out to another counrty.


Outsourcing is where they send jobs to other countries for cheaper labor.

Workflow Software

This allows computers to perform at it's best. It can be programed to process data entry in a way that it runs in the background, allowing you to focus on other tasks.


"Steroids" are pretty much anything that can advance technology and make communication easier.

End of Cold War

The end of the cold war marked the time where people could communicate more, and it got rid of the problem of communism.


Offshoring is where they send entire companies over seas for cheaper labor.

Supply Chains

Supply chaining is where companies try to communicate with eachother in order to do business across the country, or overseas.


Search engines are contributing to globalization because it allows you to search for anything, and everything.


Uploading allows anyone to put anything onto the Internet, or upload any information to it.


The internet is a way for people to communicate easier, and faster so that they won't have to travel in order to talk to them.