Pros and Con of Online Learning

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Pros and Con of Online Learning by Mind Map: Pros and Con of Online Learning

1. BI: Less Expensive- Taking classes online means less on gas and can also prevent the individual from missing hours at work because they absolutely can not miss that day of class. BII: Time difference- This I think can really be an issue. Having a 4 hour difference for instance, could be difficult for some.

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2. My Conclusion

2.1. Online learning has both a positive and negative side. Taking the time to figure out if the online option or a traditional classroom setting is best for you might be a good decision. All the factors listed above are definitely some things to take in considerations when lookimg at the pros and cons of online learning.

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3.1. CI: Independence- Online learning kind of puts the faith of the individual's grades in their hands. It forces you to somewhat make your own schedule as long as that schedule does not interfere with other aspects of your life and allows you to submit your assignments on time. CII: Less access to school materials- Online learning does not allow the individuals easy access to the library and learning material that the school provides.

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4.1. AI: Flexibility- It is easier for individuals who have a job or a career that does not allow them to commute to class and maybe the time that the classes are available interferes with work. AII: Less interaction with peers- Online learning prevents the individuals from contacting with other classmates face to face as well as the instructor.

5. Introduction

5.1. Our ways of communication, paying bills, and even learning has evolved over the years. When you think about it, many of us use the internet to do these things and so much more. Does it benefit us or is it a disadvantage? When taking online classes, some might see it as the greatest thing ever created or something that is not at all as great as others make it out to be.