The Conscious Parent

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The Conscious Parent by Mind Map: The Conscious Parent

1. Reason we Birth

2. Release the need of approval

2.1. New Topic

3. A Blow to our Ego

3.1. ideals

3.2. attachment to success of children

3.3. worry about status or perfection

3.4. unsupporting of what they decide to do

3.5. New Topic

4. Growing you up

4.1. Reacting to emotions

4.1.1. pg 64

4.1.2. Pain in the mind 64-67 New Topic

4.1.3. use the emergence of the unconscious pg 69

5. life is wise

5.1. acknowledged the mood instead of reacting

5.2. allowed to be in a mood vs reacting to a mood

6. terrible twos and infancy

6.1. infancy

6.1.1. be present support

6.2. Terrible twos

6.2.1. boundaries

6.2.2. When to say no

6.2.3. exploration empty boxes

7. insanity off parenthood

7.1. is draining

7.1.1. Will exhaust you and at sine point you Will react

7.2. be with your emotions when you react

7.3. have patience and be in the present moment

7.4. parent vs child will lead to difficulty in teen years

8. school

8.1. elementary

8.1.1. give freedom encourage virtues

8.2. middle

8.2.1. be there with the pain

8.2.2. New Topic

8.3. New Topic

8.3.1. high school trust

9. Parent from Wholeness

9.1. Do not put your needs on your kids

9.2. Do not put the responsibility for your guilt or discontentment on then

9.3. Dthe not rely on kids to do for you what you didnt get for yourself

10. being vs worrying

10.1. We worry because we can't sit in stillness

10.2. New Topic