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In one year... by Mind Map: In one year...

1. More effective marketing - more clients in my business - 100 more

1.1. spending two days/week on social media

2. Effective, modern forum for my writing - solid audience that has influence

3. Start using it at work: using it practically around recruitment and marketing

4. Change what people think

5. Earning a living through this

5.1. Taking the audience I have and making an income from it

5.2. Market my art

6. Bigger audience, interacting with them

7. Have a full understanding of social media tools, technologies, context

8. Create a go-to network of information sources for myself

9. Have a more solid audience - more focus

10. Greater visibility

11. Raise applicant numbers

12. Travel schedules, portfolios, etc. in one place

13. Accelerate partnerships around student visits

14. Celebrate alumni success