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In one year... by Mind Map: In one year...

1. Change what people think

2. More effective marketing - more clients in my business - 100 more

2.1. spending two days/week on social media

3. Earning a living through this

3.1. Taking the audience I have and making an income from it

3.2. Market my art

4. Bigger audience, interacting with them

5. Have a full understanding of social media tools, technologies, context

6. Effective, modern forum for my writing - solid audience that has influence

7. Create a go-to network of information sources for myself

8. Have a more solid audience - more focus

9. Greater visibility

10. Raise applicant numbers

11. Travel schedules, portfolios, etc. in one place

12. Accelerate partnerships around student visits

13. Celebrate alumni success

14. Start using it at work: using it practically around recruitment and marketing