Quizlet Discovery for University Language Teachers

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Quizlet Discovery for University Language Teachers by Mind Map: Quizlet Discovery for University Language Teachers

1. How to get started?

2. Sourcing

2.1. Referencing skills are learnt

2.2. Research skills are enhanced

2.3. Concept checking is improved

2.4. Group work is employed

2.5. Critical thinking is employed

3. Students

3.1. Helps their learning curve

3.2. Empowers them to learn outside the box

3.3. Emboldens them to take on their own learning

3.4. Makes learning vocabulary fun

3.5. Critical thinking is employed

4. Teachers

4.1. Improves learning curve for vocabulary

4.2. Enhances vocabulary learning skills

4.3. Creates a skills based learning environment for students

4.4. Makes teaching vocabulary intrinsic as well as extrinsic

5. Wordage

6. Definitions

6.1. Use recognized sources

6.2. Use sourcing as a task

6.3. Concept checking with curriculum course books

7. When do I use it?

7.1. Whenever you think you or students need a helping hand

7.2. As part of the learning process in a language class

8. How do I use it?

8.1. As a lesson plan

8.2. As a blended learning tool

8.3. As an activity

8.4. Task based learning

9. Why do I use it?

9.1. Improve students vocabulary knowledge

9.2. Make learning more fun

9.3. Pedagogically sound practice

9.4. Flip the class

10. What benefit will it have?

10.1. Increase vocabulary usage

10.2. Improve spelling cognition

10.3. Teach vocab in context

10.4. Make learning vocabulary enjoyable

10.5. Give open blended access to all stake holders

11. Abdulkareem Ibn Adam