Digital,Media,Information Literacy

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Digital,Media,Information Literacy by Mind Map: Digital,Media,Information Literacy

1. Information

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2. Media

2.1. Whitworth

2.2. Fuchs

2.3. Domine

2.4. Lankshear

2.4.1. Knobel

2.5. Hobbs

2.6. Connell

2.7. Brookfield

2.8. Media Literacy Morrell, Ernest

3. Digital

3.1. Mukherjee

3.2. Hull, G., Mikulecky, L, St. Clair, R and Kerka, S

3.3. Tai-Quan Peng, Lun Zhang, Zhi-Jin Zhong, and Jonathan JH Zhu

3.4. Maeyer

3.5. Can We Teach Digital Natives Digital Literacy? Ng, Wan

4. Literacy

4.1. What is literacy?

4.2. Wilson's Secondhand Knowledge


5. University

6. Students

7. Lecturers