The Adult Learner and Plagiarism

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The Adult Learner and Plagiarism by Mind Map: The Adult Learner and Plagiarism

1. Plagarism

1.1. What is plagiarism?

1.1.1. Why does plagiarism happen Facts about plagiarism and the online environment Consequences of plagiarism

2. Skills and Discipline

2.1. Scheduling

2.1.1. time management effective habits

3. How to condusct effective research to combat plagiarism

3.1. types of research

3.1.1. types of online authorities using the internet to your advantage

4. Compiling the information to produce an effective product

4.1. Preparation

4.1.1. research Editing Destinations

5. Citing your work so you don't become a victim.

5.1. Why we need to cite

5.1.1. types and styles tools that are at the learners disposal

6. Plagiarism is a serious thing, especially today with the technology that is at the finger tips of the adult learner. With the stressors of everyday life and not enough hours in the day everyone is subject to plagiarism, but there are ways to make sure that you don't.