MindMeister for Business Productivity

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MindMeister for Business Productivity by Mind Map: MindMeister for  Business Productivity

1. Welcome

1.1. About Biggerplate

1.1.1. The Home of Mind Mapping

1.1.2. Content Mind Map Library Templates & Examples

1.1.3. Learning Online training (here) Workshops & Events

1.1.4. Community Global community +90,000 Members Business, Education, Other...!

1.2. About this course

1.2.1. Overview Two learning agendas Business Productivity Using MindMeister Based on experience Our business Our community Each section Productivity principles MindMeister features Dashboard building

1.2.2. Objectives Feel in control Understand MindMeister Create productivity dashboard

1.2.3. 4 Step process Capture Prioritise Plan Progress

1.2.4. Structure: This Map!

2. Business Productivity

2.1. What?

2.1.1. What do we mean? Working effectively in line with overall business plans and priorities

2.1.2. What does 'productive' look/feel like? Calm Controlled Focus Efficient Effective Clear

2.1.3. What does 'unproductive' look/feel like? Confused Messy Ineffective Unhappy Stressed

2.2. Why does it matter?

2.2.1. Information Overload Lots coming at us Lots in our heads

2.2.2. We're all under pressure Time Tasks Teams

2.3. Get Productive

2.3.1. Capture

2.3.2. Prioritise

2.3.3. Plan

2.3.4. Progress

3. Mind Mapping

3.1. "Visual organisation of ideas and information"

3.2. Facts/Fiction

3.2.1. True Personal Contextual Adaptable

3.2.2. False Right/wrong way Unstructured/messy Panacea for all

3.3. Mind Map Principles

4. Capture

4.1. Productivity principles

4.1.1. Capture

4.1.2. Clear your mind! Brain capacity Confidence Relax!

4.1.3. Process Capture everything Quantity (not quality) Worry later Group similar ideas Look for connections Identify themes Add anything new

4.2. MindMeister features

4.2.1. MindMeister Menus Main Menu Here's an idea Right click menu Sidebar Menu

4.2.2. Adding topics Subtopic: Insert/TAB Add new topic Same level topic Start typing/editing Sibling: Enter/return Typing/editing Open/Close

4.2.3. Grouping & Moving Moving topics Individual Multiple (CTRL + drag left mouse) Navigating the map Left-click drag Zoom in/out

4.3. Dashboard building

4.3.1. Introducing Dashboards Single view control centre Constant process Capture Prioritise Plan Progress

4.3.2. Let's get building! Capture all tasks/ideas/projects Group similar ideas Add anything new

5. Prioritise

5.1. Productivity principles

5.1.1. Align with plans/strategy

5.1.2. Round the clock, top to bottom

5.1.3. The Power of 3 Task 1 Task 2 Task 3

5.1.4. Starting points First steps Just start!

5.2. MindMeister features

5.2.1. Icons/Markers Priorities Urgent

5.2.2. Numbering 1. A big task 2. Small annoying task 3. Essential urgent task 4. Less important task

5.3. Dashboard building

5.3.1. Prioritise Clockwise

5.3.2. Prioritise Top to Bottom

6. Plan

6.1. Productivity principles

6.1.1. "Plans are useless, but planning is invaluable"

6.1.2. Ideas into action Break things down What's the action?

6.1.3. What, Who, When Action required Owner of actions Order of actions

6.2. MindMeister features

6.2.1. Add Task Info

6.2.2. What, who, when

6.3. Dashboard building

7. Progress

7.1. Productivity principles

7.1.1. Monitor & Review 'Nudge' 100 things forward Repeat 4 steps

7.1.2. Context Switching Time lost in switching Info at your fingertips 'Glance access'

7.1.3. Finishing v Progressing We stress about 'unfinished' We're pleased with progress Moved vs Unmoved Movable vs Completable

7.2. MindMeister features

7.2.1. Progress Markers Moved/Unmoved % Complete

7.2.2. Search Function

7.3. Dashboard building

7.4. Liam's Dashboard

8. Next Steps

8.1. Thank you for watching

8.2. Best advice: Just start

8.2.1. Capture

8.2.2. Prioritise

8.2.3. Plan

8.2.4. Progress

8.3. Share your learning/feedback

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8.3.3. Share your mind maps!

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