Ethics & Integrity In Sports

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Ethics & Integrity In Sports by Mind Map: Ethics & Integrity In Sports

1. Destinations

2. Statements

2.1. To understand the role ethics and integrity plays in sports, it is important to know the difference between gamesmanship and sportsmanship.

2.2. The incentives to cheat increase the more a sport is commercialized, with sponsorships and endorsements.

2.3. Sports is about the honorable pursuit of victory. It is not just about playing by the rules; it is also about playing within the spirit of the rules.

3. Is having ethics and integrity important in sports, or does cheating the game get overblown by the media and the common fan?

4. Resources





5. Media & Fan Perspective

5.1. Impact of Social Media

5.2. Idolizing Athletes

6. Sportsmanship

6.1. Respect between Competitors

6.2. Fair Play

6.3. Destinations

7. Gamesmanship

7.1. Competitive Advantage

7.2. Bending Rules

7.3. Winning justifies cheating

8. Destinations