Connected Devices

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Connected Devices by Mind Map: Connected Devices

1. Wearables

1.1. Health

1.1.1. Welness

1.2. Productivity

1.3. Sports/Fitness

1.3.1. Amateur

1.3.2. Pro Team Athlete

2. Guillaume Tourneur

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4. IoT

4.1. Use Cases per Market Segment

4.1.1. Healthcare Illness Monitoring & Management Individual Medication Dispensing Patient Safety Industry Clinical Care monitoring Remote Patient Monitoring Real-time disease management Real-time data exchange Infrastructure GOV/FDA compliances Automated Workflow Accurate Data Collection Equipment monitoring and auditing

4.1.2. Home Chore Automation Energy Management Safety & Security Automation Energy Management Utilization Optimization Security/Safety Fire & Safety Intrusion Detection Environment control Smart thermostat (e.g., Nest) Air moisture Smoke alarm Flood detector Lighting system Drapes Sprinkler systems (outdoor) Smart Energy HVAC Smart Meters Smart Appliance Smart Plug

4.1.3. City Traffic Management Waste Management Public Safety & Health Traffic Control Resource Management Public Health Air Quality monitoring Water Quality monitoring Noise Urban Maps Intelligent Transportation Systems Surveillance Public Safety

4.1.4. Environmental Earthquake Early Detection Forest Fire Detection Air Quality & Pollution Detection Avalanche & Landslide Prevention

4.1.5. Security & Emergency Perimeter Access Control Radiation & Liquid Detection Explosive & Hazardous Gasses Detection Emergency Service Management

4.1.6. Retail Layout Optimization Supply Chain Control Monitoring Inventory Levels and assets NFC payments Smart Product Management Vending Machine Remote Management Automated Checkout Smart CRM In-store personalized promotions Smart Inventory Management

4.1.7. Logistic Quality of Shipment Condition Item Tracking Fleet Tracking Logistic Routing Autonomous Naviguation Geo-positioning Shipment/Delivery Management

4.1.8. Industrial HVAC Predictive Maintenance Warehouse Stock Location Asset Utilization Operations optimization Loss Prevention Operations Optimization Predictive Maintenance Health & Safety Inventory Tracking Downtime Minimization Capacity Utilization

4.1.9. Agriculture Fruits, Vegetables Quality Monitoring Crop Irrigation Green House Control

4.1.10. Cars & Transportation Environment Predictive Parking and Traffic Management Converged Transportation Ecosystems & Monitoring Sustainability of Infrastrcuture Autonomous & Connected Cars Vehicle-to-roadway infrastructure communication Vehicle-to-vehicle communication Driverless cars Location Tracking Real time performance monitoring of the car Creating custom alerts Driver assistance Behavior analysis of the driver Recommendation based on driving patterns Maintenance Condition-based Maintenance Accident Prevention
Driverless Cars

4.1.11. Energy Environmental Solar Power Management Batterie Management Security Power Efficiency Grid Power Management & Protection Home & Industrial Performance measurement (Electricity, Gaz, Water) Historical Averages Similar Installations Seasonal Variances Environment Pressures Energy Management Automation Security Health Comfort

4.2. Value Proposition

4.2.1. New Sources of Revenue New Services Build New Ecosystems

4.2.2. More competitive

4.2.3. Demand Forecasting

4.2.4. Reduce Expenses

4.2.5. Streamline Operations

4.2.6. Improved Safety & Security Measured Risk Reduction

4.2.7. Improved Customer... …experience Marketing …service …relationship Stronger Brand

4.2.8. Streamline Regulatory Compliance

4.2.9. Real-time information