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Business Support 2011 by Mind Map: Business Support 2011
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Business Support 2011

Prevention is better than cure

Improvements to the product

Releases vs ongoing configuration

Product manager role?


The quality of the implementation effort is, I suspect going to be the biggest single factor in determining the impact of the CRM on support demand.


f-2-f is relatively inefficient use of resources?

Proactive communication with users

does CRM have any capacity for comms? ideally push to subgroups of users..., Users will have an (optional) associated email. That could give us an email list and the means to segment it appropriately


Merely adding new content to CABlink is ineffective

Help materials

Responsive updates needed, Skills within team, Straight forward (=quick) process

Needs to be good

No culture of using help - because case hasn't got any - what can we do about that?

Anticipate problems

Manage expectations

Set user expectations about level of support offered

No signif effort into resolving 1-off CASE issues

No pivot/v-lookup handholding

Automate anything that can be automated

Log into RMS via email?

Collecting/prioritising user requests/suggestions


Minimise phone contact

It is very inefficient. The time spent getting hold of customers is totally unproductive

Make email contact mandatory? Or via CRM?

Phone contact v inefficient

But we seem to almost always respond to email contact with a phone call, so no saving except for SD, Web form so basic info is always included in emails

Prefer 1-many to 1-1

Make support activities visible/reusable



Scheduled/bookable webex sessions

eventbrite for booking?



To service desk?

CRM Admin activities

simple calls

have a CRM specialist in SD?

Help bx equip themselves with help in house

Direct support at ASS and TGTs to provide appropriate support and training in bx?

What can we not do?


CASE & Appt+ difficult solution - needs lots of support

Will CRM users joining adviceline need tech support?

Prefer public to private