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Comfy Dog Days by Mind Map: Comfy Dog Days
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Comfy Dog Days


The Home page gives a brief overview of CDD. It will have the most important information included so that I can grab the visitor's attention so that they will want to continue exploring the site.


The About page will provide more detail about the CDD and the founders so that visitors to the site can put a face to the foundation.


The Contact page will give basic contact information so that visitors to the site can contact CDD with questions they may have.

What We Offer

The Services page will give a majority of the information about how visitors can help the CDD.


This page will be a Blog that gives updates on the various pets that are in CDD foster care. Blog posts will include images and videos.

CDD Tagline: Helping dogs rest comfortably in their final days

Ways you can help

This page will include volunteer and donation information.