Antigone - Concept Map

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Antigone - Concept Map by Mind Map: Antigone - Concept Map

1. Genre

1.1. Tragedy

1.2. a serious play where sorrowful and terrible events occur, due to the heroic actions of Antigone and the metaphorical blindness of the King Creon, leading to a series of consequences

2. Style

2.1. Naturalistic mainly, it is a play that is supposed to be heartfelt so the way it is written does't leave much room for stylised acting. Naturalistic portrays it best, conveying the themes/messages.

3. Time Period

3.1. Believed to have been written around 441 b.c.

3.2. In Ancient Greece

3.3. It was very forward thinking, especially in terms of women's place in society, for it's time. Highlights the intelligence of the playwright, and makes you wonder if people in Ancient Greece really took notice of the female protagonist's issues.

4. Themes/Issues

4.1. Death

4.1.1. In the play 'Antigone', we are aware of the death of four characters.

4.2. Women In Society

4.2.1. It is evident women are secondary citizens and of much less importance in every way, shape and form. Antigone challenges this proving she is as strong, determined and reliable as any man. She tests her boundaries as a woman, and further shows admiration as she doesn't fear the consequences.

4.3. Power

4.3.1. It corrupts and metaphorically blinds Creon in the play.

4.4. Determination

4.4.1. Protagonist's fuel in her fight for justice, determination is the main reason for all that happens in the play and it is a quality many of the characters possess whether they are seen as positive or negative they all possess it.

4.5. Rules and Order

4.5.1. Antigone challenges the literal rules and laws in place, with the ones that she stands by morally and religiously. The law and the justice system are what the play revolves around, if it weren't for the law there would be little purpose to the play.

5. Plot

5.1. Antigone arrives in Thebes with her sister Ismene

5.2. They discover their two brothers are dead after fighting each other

5.3. One of them receives a proper burial

5.4. The other is denied any burial

5.5. This infuriates her and she disobeys the law

5.6. Against her sister's insistant warning, she goes to bury her brother, the one accused of being a traitor

6. Characters

6.1. Antigone

6.1.1. Driven/Motivated

6.1.2. Harsh/Loud voice

6.1.3. Irrational tone of voice

6.1.4. Very rash

6.1.5. Fiery

6.1.6. Sharp/Quick movements

6.1.7. Easily angered

6.2. Ismene

6.2.1. Rarely harsh, or irrational

6.2.2. Quiet

6.2.3. Smooth movements

6.2.4. Naturalistic

6.2.5. Soft/Reasonable tone of voice

6.2.6. Logical and wise

6.3. Creon

6.3.1. Blinded by the power he holds

6.3.2. Unyielding and vindictive

6.3.3. Ambitious, for himself not they state or people

6.3.4. Selfish

6.3.5. Sees his opinion as the only one

6.4. Haemon

6.4.1. Promised in marriage to Antigone

6.4.2. We witness his loyalty to her

6.4.3. Reasonable

7. Structure

7.1. The structure used in 'Antigone' is linear