Bleacher Report

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Bleacher Report by Mind Map: Bleacher Report

1. Engineering, Product & Design

1.1. Design and create services across platforms

1.2. Develop and oversee in house publishing tools

1.3. Code

1.4. Troubleshoot and solve technical difficulties

2. Content & Programming

2.1. Editorial

2.1.1. Editorial team works closely with other content departments to ensure the quality of all content across platforms

2.2. Programming

2.2.1. Programming team is responsible for placing all content in the right places

2.3. Social Media

2.3.1. Social media team creates and distributes viral sports content on the web

3. Video Production

3.1. Create visual content across platforms

3.2. Break news

3.3. Develop unique franchises

4. Operations

4.1. Communication across the multiple departments

4.2. Develop business opportunities and partnerships

4.3. Advise and support multiple departments

5. Turner Sports

6. HR & Finance

6.1. Budget

6.2. Risk Management

6.3. Forecast future spending

6.4. Attract, develop & retain top talent

6.5. Promote internal events

7. Marketing & P/R

7.1. Pitch & execute online, on - air and experimental branding

7.2. Communication Strategy

7.3. Day to day PR initiatives