Life-Long Learning, 1st half

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Life-Long Learning, 1st half by Mind Map: Life-Long Learning, 1st half


1.1. bosses

1.2. colleagues

1.2.1. faculty

1.2.2. permanent staff

1.2.3. research fellows

1.3. authors

1.4. publisher (The MIT Press)

1.5. students

1.6. guests

1.7. outer circle

1.7.1. extended Belfer Center community

1.7.2. Harvard Kennedy School

1.7.3. Harvard University

2. Education/Technology

2.1. WEB

2.1.1. favorite sites Yahoo Google Amazon Wikipedia Creative Commons One Book, One Twitter Pearltrees Antoine Oliver Patrice

2.1.2. Entertainment iTunes Pandora Hulu

2.1.3. Broader Internet community Random surfing Random incoming info

2.1.4. Facebook

2.1.5. Twitter @kylepace @mashable @pistachio @equalman @tferriss @Richard_Florida @NickKristof @DalaiLama @dweinberger @oneforty @web20classroom @educause

2.1.6. Gmail

2.1.7. Yahoo Mail

2.1.8. SMS

2.1.9. E102 resources Google Reader The Yard Delicious Technorati


2.2.1. Harvard Extension School E-102 Stacie Denise classmates influential readings research projects RSS feed class blogs class tweets new (to me) technologies EXPO E-171 Dave Beard classmates guest speakers

3. "The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind." -William Blake


4.1. family

4.2. friends

4.3. pets

4.4. outer circle

4.4.1. extended family

4.4.2. acquaintances

4.4.3. Cambridge Public Library

4.4.4. "pop" culture Lady Gaga Mad Men Boston sports celebs you can't not hear about

4.4.5. "high" culture books film theater concerts