Australian Technologies Curriculum

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Australian Technologies Curriculum by Mind Map: Australian Technologies  Curriculum

1. Key Ideas

2. Key concepts

2.1. Year groups

2.1.1. In F-2 there should be a focus on play based activities where children are active participants in the learning process. There should be a keen focus on use of learning technologies congruent to use at home and aligned with other learning areas.

2.1.2. In years 3-6 students should be engaging in more complex ideas which focus students on the safe, ethical, environmental and expanded use of technology

2.1.3. In years 7-10 students increase their knowledge and awareness of the interdependence of technology on culture and the ecological impact on society.

2.1.4. In years 10-12 students should have the ability to explore a range of diverse technologies and specialised learning for future career pathways.

3. General capabilities

3.1. Literacy

3.2. Numeracy

3.3. ICT

3.4. Critical and Creative thinking

3.5. Personal and Social Capabilities

3.6. Ethical Understanding

3.7. Intercultural Understanding

4. Aims and Objectives

4.1. Design and Technology

4.2. Digital Technology

5. Subjects

5.1. 1. Digital technology

5.2. 2. Design and Technology

6. Strands

6.1. Knowledge and Understanding

6.2. Process and Productions skills

7. Student Diversity

8. Cross-curriculum priorities

9. Content Descriptions

10. Content Elaboration

11. Year Levels

12. Achievement Standards

12.1. Design and Technologies ACARA example.

13. Students are empowered to shape change of

14. Students are engaged in

15. Cross curriculum priorities that address the global world and include cultural and historical engagement with Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, Asia and sustainability

16. Achievement standards for the teaching of design and digital technologies let you as a teacher know what the students should be achieving by the end of that school year and year level.