Oil and Water Issues In The Middle East

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Oil and Water Issues In The Middle East by Mind Map: Oil and Water Issues In The  Middle East

1. Water

1.1. At a Paucity (A Shortage)

1.1.1. Damaged The Standards of Living For Inhabitants In The Middle East

1.1.2. Overuse Of Water in Agriculture Affects The Countries' Already Low Water Resources

1.1.3. Issues Growing Crops

1.1.4. 85% Goes To Agriculture

1.2. Plants That Produce Water Harm The Envirnonment

2. Oil

2.1. At a Surplus

2.1.1. The Surplus Of Oil Gives Some Parts of The Middle East Wealth

2.1.2. The Middle East Contains 46% of The World's Total Proven Oil Reserves

2.2. It's Cheap To Obtain Oil In Some Parts of The Middle East

2.3. Oil Is Unevenly Shared In The Middle East

3. Connections between Oil and Water

3.1. Oil and Water Availability In The Middle East Largely Contrast

3.2. Oil Can Pollute The Ground Water, Which Decreases The Water Supply

3.3. While oil has become cheap to obtain in the Middle East, water has become more expensive

4. Solutions

4.1. People in the Middle East can pay higher taxes.

4.1.1. The government can build a man made reservoir.

4.1.2. The government can import water from other countries.

4.1.3. The government can limit the amount of water used for agriculture.