How does Geography Impact the Present-Day Middle East?

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How does Geography Impact the Present-Day Middle East? by Mind Map: How does Geography Impact the Present-Day Middle East?

1. How does Oil Impact the Middle East

1.1. Oil can be almost anywhere-from tanker trucks to a house's chimney.

1.2. Oil can be spilled into the ocean and pollute the ocean and there is a possibility in which it can endanger aquatic sea life.

1.2.1. If fish are poisoned by oil and we eat them, we can also be poisoned

1.2.2. This can affect our food supply also because we would have less aquatic sea life in which is edible.

1.3. All of the oil in the Middle East is shared unevenly.

1.3.1. This can cause conflict between the countries in this region.

1.3.2. Also, economies with more oil will be more richer than other countries which can also cause conflict.

1.4. One way we can solve oil problems in the Middle East and use the money the economy has to full proof the oil giants in the ocean. Also the economy can work on cleaning up all of the oil on the floor, which is unhealthy for ecosystems.

2. How does Water Impact the Middle East

2.1. Water is scarce in some places in the Middle East.

2.1.1. Also, there is an environmental problem which is also known as desertification and can be very dangerous. Also, "Desertification is a sweeping environmental problem, with vast effects in countries such as Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Iran."

2.1.2. One reason why water is scarce in the Middle East is because of "lack of water resources and poor water management."

2.1.3. The region's climate and environment make living harsh. The Middle East requires water resources and suitable land for agriculture.

2.2. Most of the water that the Middle East contains is polluted.

2.2.1. The people also pour leftover concentrated salt into some of the water bodies in this region.

2.3. One resolution that the Middle East can do in order to make the water less polluted and scarce, is learn to keep the water clean, Some ways they can do this is by spreading the word. People also use filters for the water.