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MyDemo Demo System by Mind Map: MyDemo Demo System

1. Features

1.1. Automatic timer (Editable in Settings)

1.2. Easy to use Admin Area

1.3. Manual Reset per product

1.4. Change Adverts

1.5. Javascript for ads?

1.6. Install via ZIP, Config File Template and SQL

2. Licensing

2.1. Free License 1 Product Only 1 Admin Only No Advert Additions No Support

2.2. Alpha / Beta License Unlimited Products Unlimited Admins Alpha / Beta Versions only Free Helpdesk Support £1 per month

2.3. Leased License

2.4. Owned License

2.5. Developer License

2.6. Reseller Licenses

3. Support

3.1. Helpdesk Support in Billing Area

3.2. Community Forum Support

3.3. Knowledgebase

3.4. Wiki?

4. Plugins

4.1. Official Plugins addable onto billing

4.2. 3rd Party Plugins available

4.3. Plugin Browser in system?

4.3.1. Automatic Updates globally?

5. Languages

5.1. Default is English

5.2. 3rd Party Languages Available for DL

6. Templates

6.1. Official Templates in Clients Area

6.2. 3rd Party Templates in Community Forum

6.3. Fully Customisable Templating

7. Versioning

7.1. Alphas known as [VERSION]a (e.g 0.1a)

7.2. Betas known as [VERSION]b (e.g 0.1b)

7.3. RCs known as [VERSION]rc[NO] (e.g 0.9rc1)