Technologies Curriculum

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Technologies Curriculum by Mind Map: Technologies Curriculum

1. Student Diversity

1.1. Students with disabilities

1.2. Gifted and talented students

1.3. Students with English as a second language or dialect

2. Digital Technologies

2.1. Aims:

2.2. Students are able to confidently use digital systems to transform a range of data into information and and to creatively communicate ideas.

2.3. Students are able to use computational thinking and the key concepts of abstraction; data collection, representation and interpretation; specification, algorithms and implementation to create digital solutions.

3. Key Ideas

3.1. Design and Technology

3.1.1. Project Management

3.1.2. Making decisions informed by ethical, legal, functional and aesthetic factors.

3.2. Digital Technology

3.2.1. Use design thinking in order to be innovative developers of digital solution and knowledge.

3.2.2. Data management and use

4. Design and Technologies

4.1. Aims:

4.2. Give students an understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of people in design and technologies occupations.

4.3. Students are able to select and manipulate a range of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment creatively, competently and safely; and managing processes in order to produce designed solutions suitable for a range of technologies.

5. General Capabilities

5.1. Literacy

5.2. Numeracy

5.3. ICT capability

5.4. Critical and Creative thinking

5.5. Ethical Understanding

5.6. Intercultural Understanding

5.7. Personal and Social Capability

6. Cross Curriculum Priorities

6.1. Sustainability

6.2. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture

6.3. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia