Australian Curriculum Technologies

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Australian Curriculum Technologies by Mind Map: Australian Curriculum Technologies

1. subjects

1.1. English

1.2. Mathematics

1.3. Science

1.4. Humanities and social science

1.5. The arts

2. Strands

2.1. Representation of data

2.2. Define project development measurement

3. Aims and objectives

3.1. Investigate, design, plan, manage, create and evaluate solutions using technology.

3.1.1. Project specifications

3.1.2. End User requirements

3.1.3. Action points sign-off

3.2. Understand that technology changes and evolves over time.

3.2.1. Define actions as necessary

3.3. How technology contributes to sustainability of jobs over time.

3.4. Make appropriate choices about the use and role of technologies.

3.5. Use appropriate tools of technology to create and solve.

3.6. Create solutions using technology.

4. Key concepts

4.1. Choosing appropriate resources

4.2. Budget

4.3. Resources

4.4. Delays

5. General capabilites

5.1. Literacy

5.2. Numeracy

5.3. Information and communication technology

5.4. Critical and creative thinking

5.5. Personal and social capability

5.6. Ethical understanding

5.7. Intercultural understanding

6. Student diversity

6.1. Students with disabilities.

6.2. Equity in students

6.3. English as a second language

7. Key Ideas

7.1. How solutions that are created now will be used for a sustainable future.

7.2. Benefits and risks of technology now and in the future.

7.3. Use creative thinking to investigate needs for the future.

8. Content descriptors

8.1. There are two descriptors to the curriculum which is used for each year level.

8.1.1. Design and technologies: knowledge and understanding.

8.1.2. Digital technologies: knowledge and understanding.

9. Content elaboration

9.1. Elaborations are provided under each content descriptor.

10. Year Levels

10.1. Year 1

10.2. Year 2

10.3. Year 3

10.4. Year 4

10.5. Year 5

10.6. Year 6

11. Achievement standards

11.1. The use of technology within each subject.

11.2. Understand the relationships between: knowledge and understanding with technology and processes and production in technology.

11.3. Assessment in each student's work.

12. Cross-curricular priorities

12.1. Sustainability

12.2. Asia and Australia's engagement with Asia

12.3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture.