1L Overall Needs

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1L Overall Needs by Mind Map: 1L Overall Needs

1. Technical

1.1. Active Directory

1.1.1. Teachers as Admins?

1.1.2. MCSA ability to join devices to the domain

1.2. Quick Connect

1.2.1. MCSA Ability to re-assign a Device

1.3. Wi-Fi Connectivity

1.3.1. Non-LAUSD Connectivity

1.3.2. Web Filters

1.3.3. Device Updates

1.4. SCCM

1.4.1. Collection Creation (aka Container) Serial # Computer Name Pushing Apps

1.4.2. Updates SBAC

1.4.3. Software Center

1.5. Classroom Management

1.5.1. LanSchool Lenovo Yogas

1.5.2. Class Policy Surface

1.6. Software

1.6.1. Adobe Products

1.6.2. Microsoft Office

1.7. Take Home

1.7.1. Connectivity

2. Asset Management

2.1. Additional devices needed at schools

2.1.1. SMI

2.1.2. Teacher devices

2.1.3. Absolute for Computer Name

2.2. Devices removed from schools

2.2.1. Battery defects

2.2.2. Blue screen

2.2.3. Cracked screen

2.3. Hardware replacement

2.3.1. Batteries

2.3.2. Protective case/bag Case (Chromebook) Bag (Lenovo)

2.3.3. Peripherals Lenovo Stylus (4X80F22110) Lenovo Power Adapter (ADLX45NCC2A) Surface Pen Keyboards (Surface) Earbuds

2.3.4. What's available?

2.4. Reports

2.4.1. Principals

2.4.2. ITFs

2.4.3. MCSAs

2.5. Warranty/Re-orders?

2.5.1. Who?

2.5.2. How?

3. Logistical

3.1. Physical movement of assets

3.1.1. MCSA

3.1.2. Arey Jones

3.1.3. SHI

3.2. Database of assets (Destiny?)

3.2.1. Serial #

3.2.2. Computer Name

3.2.3. Asset Tag


4.1. Documentation of Physical Movement of Assets

4.2. Software Requests through SCCM

5. Instructional

5.1. Digital Content

5.1.1. Meet with Sarah G

5.1.2. HMH Chromebooks

5.1.3. McGraw Hill Surface

5.2. Professional Development Library


6.1. Immediate Needs

6.2. Secondary Needs

7. Processes Consensus: - Remedy Ticket System will be used for: - Physical movement of Inventory to school sites - Software requests through SCCM (& form) - Hardware/Peripheral requests (& form) - Additional devices needed (& form) - Give teachers admin rights on Lenovos/Surfaces (& form) - Susan will: - Ask 1L ITFs for SBAC testing dates - Contact Asset Management/Josie for: - Can we get approval on managing device removals through ez-access (like the ICF)? - How can school sites/ITFs have access to run reports? - How is Destiny updated based on device removals? - Options on protective cases for Lenovos and Surfaces. - Options on carrying bags for Lenovos. - Meet with Alex and Sarah for Digital Content and PD library discussion (set for Wednesday at 1 PM). - Gash will: - Check if Arey Jones can be involved in the Remedy ticketing system - Contact Phillip Chien Cheng to create an inventory removal form in EZAccess for MCSAs & Arey Jones to use (pending Josie’s approval) - Contact Lenovo/LanSchool for troubleshooting support - Contact ITD Check if access is being provided for MCSAs to join devices to the domain. To give teachers admin rights on Lenovos/Surfaces