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Deposition by Mind Map: Deposition

1. Type of deposition

1.1. Water Deposition

1.1.1. Stream Deposition Coastline Deposition Groundwater Deposition Weathering and erosion form caves. But many of the structures inside caves form as the result of deposition. Longshore currents moved the sand along ocean coasts.

1.1.2. Deposition by a stream takes place anywhere along its path where the water’s speed decreases. Slower-moving water deposits sediment on the inside curves of meanders.

1.2. Flowing water deposits sediment as the water slows. A loss of speed reduces the amount of energy that the water has to carry sediment.

2. Depositional environments

2.1. Meanders a broad, C- shaped curve in a stream.

2.1.1. Longshore current is a current that flows parallel to the shoreline.