Deposition deposition is the laying down or setting or eroded material

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Deposition deposition is the laying down or setting or eroded material by Mind Map: Deposition  deposition is the laying down or setting or eroded material

1. Landforms These are the results of deposition. They are usually created by the different rock layers being placed on top of each other over and over or be taken away. The rate that it takes depends on the rock

1.1. mountains Mountains are a giant land form most commonly in the form of a peak it is very step. This can be created by the tectonic plates witch are huge rock layers colliding and crushing up.

1.2. dunes Dune is a hill of sand built by either wind or water flow. Dunes are made with the constant wind and water that flows or hits the sand forming its position.

1.3. valley This is a low place between two mountains that are formed by the glaciers that went past and curved the land into a V shape.

1.4. lakes A large body of water that is completely surrounded by water. Lakes can be formed by glaciers and also human ways and many other ways.

2. Sediment layers This is a layer just like the layer on ice cream and the more you add the bigger it is and the more you eat the smaller it gets.Sediment deposited in water often forms layers called beds. Rock layers water and erode differently depending on the rock or sediment.

2.1. Beds Beds often form as the layers of sediments are deposited at the bottom of rivers lakes and oceans.

2.1.1. water A liquid that is made up of hyrigine and oxagen. It erodes things by the water hitting the object or the water slowly running past it.

2.1.2. wind This it the air moving at a higher then normal speed. this causes depiction by the wind hitting and moving the object or the wind will move the layers of sand in the dunes.

2.1.3. costal Costal deposition is when the land near the cost or at the edge of body of water starts to break off. This happens because the layers under the water start to ware away and the rest on top fall off.

2.1.4. Glacial Glacial deposition happens when a glacer go threw a area very slowly but it breaks down and carrys the layers of rock makind the land forms.