Essay Structure

Based on the original Essay structure map in Meister, I have added helping language to guide middle school essay writers.

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Essay Structure by Mind Map: Essay Structure

1. Introduction

1.1. Thesis statement/big idea

1.2. narrowed idea/Claim

1.3. Road map/overview of ideas to support claim

2. Conclusion

2.1. Restate thesis statement or big idea

2.2. reconnect to the supporting ideas/arguements

2.3. Clincher

3. First paragraph

3.1. Argument/1st supporting idea

3.2. Example/evidence

3.3. Concluding statement/ Transition to paragraph 2

4. Second paragraph

4.1. Argument/2nd supporting idea

4.2. Example/evidence

4.3. concluding statement/transition to paragraph 3

5. Third paragraph

5.1. Argument/3rd supporting idea

5.2. Example/evidence

5.3. concluding statement/transition to conclusion