Humans vs. Zombies

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Humans vs. Zombies by Mind Map: Humans vs. Zombies


1.1. Human: Flowery

1.1.1. Topics: Love, death, God

1.1.2. Style: Ornate, overdetermined

1.2. Z: Direct

1.2.1. Topics: Food, graves

1.2.2. Style: Direct, immediate, simple


2.1. Check out

2.2. Zombies

2.2.1. zombies--low cal with athletes

2.2.2. Fresh, on the hoof selection

2.2.3. Culls out the weak or inattentive, making better gene pool for survivors

2.3. Humans

2.3.1. too much animal fat

2.3.2. Maat processing plants


3.1. Zombies

3.1.1. Z: Other modes of transport Detachable limbs to take up less space No boring conversations about shower rings No need for dining car/meal on plane

3.1.2. Z: WALKING Better for Environment Better for Exercise Does tend to block roadways (Fires)

3.2. Humans

3.2.1. H: CARS, PLANES Carbon footprint Laziness Little danger to other passengers Rarely leave seats soiled

4. GAmes

4.1. New node

5. New node

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6.2.4. DEL to delete

6.2.5. All key shortcuts

6.3. Drag & Drop and double-click canvas f ewifiewjf j eif jweijf iwje fijwe ifjweijf iewjf iejwf

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7. FAshion

7.1. Z

7.1.1. Flea market fashions

7.1.2. Dry cleaning

7.2. H

7.2.1. Forever 21

7.2.2. High cleaning bills