Differentiation Strategies for Grade 6 Math

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Differentiation Strategies for Grade 6 Math by Mind Map: Differentiation Strategies for Grade 6 Math

1. Mid Level Students

1.1. Description

1.1.1. 12 students who have some knowledge about the topic as shown in their score, but need to develop higher order thinking skills

1.2. Strategy for differentiated instruction

1.2.1. Puzzles, such as ThinkingBlocks.com

1.3. Assessment

1.3.1. Exit Slips

2. Low Level Students

2.1. Description

2.1.1. 5 students who appear to have limited knowledge about the topic

2.2. Strategy for differentiated instruction

2.2.1. Videos from Khan Academy

2.2.2. Kaizena Interaction

2.3. Assessment

2.3.1. Lower level quizzes

2.3.2. Exit Slips

3. High Level Students

3.1. Description

3.1.1. 5 students who answered most, including the most difficult, of the pre-assessment questions correctly

3.2. Strategy for differentiated instruction

3.2.1. PBL: Independent project

3.3. Assessment

3.3.1. PBL rubric

4. By Chung H Cho